Hose Couplings

Flexiducting NZ have a range of safety breakaway couplings, dry-break & dry disconnect hose couplings for the safe transfer of valuable or hazardous liquids & Gases. Suppliers of Mann Tek, TODO and KLAW  products. For situations where pull away could occur during loading or unloading road or rail tankers a break away coupling is used to shut off the flow to prevent spillage and to protect the hose assembly from damage. Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Gunmetal or Bronze.

NZ Seismic Joints

Seismic Joints

Flexible Stainless Steel Seismic Joints

V-Loop & U-Loop Seismic Joints

Flexiducting are suppliers of seismic joints and expansion loops designed for pipeline systems to absorb movement during seismic activity and thermal expansion/contraction.

During an earthquake it protects critical pipelines transfering hot and cold water, gases, fuel and sewerage, and also offers protection for vital equipment by allowing boilers, chillers, fan-coil units and other systems to move independently from buildings such as hospitals, high rises, stadiums and civil defence centres.

We can offer custom designed and manufactured V-Loop or U-Loop assemblies to allow for movement on all axis up to 500mm.

Sizes up to 500mmNB.


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Hose Clamp

Hose Clamps

Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

The Flexiducting NZ heavy duty hose clamps and Mikalor Clamps are designed primarily for use in applications where hose clamps must meet stringent requirements. In particular if suction and pressure hoses (complete with plastic or steel inserts and high shore hardness values) are to be connected and attached.

The areas of application are: machinery industry, construction industry, municipal applications, use on road and sewer cleaning equipment, agricultural applications, irrigation and draining pipes, tankers, harvesting and pest control machinery, commercial vehicles and in the food and chemical industries.

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New Zealand Cryogenic Couplings

Cryogenic Couplings / LNG Dry-Break Coupling

A range of Dry-Break or Dry-Disconnect Cryogenic Couplings for Cryogenic applications such as LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). This coupling is Specifically designed for safe handling during loading and unloading of LNG at temperatures to –196°C.

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Breakaway Coupling NZ

Safety Breakaway Coupling

The NovaFlex Series Safety Breakaway Coupling is a high flow product designed to prevent industrial accidents. For applications that require maximum flow, the NovaFlex coupling is the best on the market.

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NZ Marine Breakaway Coupling

Marine Breakaway Coupling

The NovaFlex Series Marine Breakaway Coupling is a high-flow range designed for safety in marine environments. Inserted in hose lines the coupling will shut off and prevent spillage in the event of drift away during offshore rig supply or ship to ship applications.

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Dry Break Tank Unit NZ

Dry-Break Adapters

NovaFlex Hi-Flow Dry-Release™ Adapters are available in 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium to suit your application.