Flexible Metal Hose

Our Metal Hose range includes flexible exhaust, interlock, braided stainless Steel hose assemblies, unbraided corrugated hose, stainless steel conduit, cable armour, stainless steel expansion bellows, vibration eliminators for the refrigeration industry and any other flexible metallic assemblies required.

Flexiducting are specialist manufacturers of flexible stainless steel metal hose and PTFE lined assemblies in New Zealand. Single braided or double braided metallic hoses and assemblies for applications where only a metal hose will do. We can provide welded on carbon steel or stainless steel flanges, camlock couplings and BSP or NPT threaded couplings. All stainless steel hose assemblies are pressure tested and certified.
Available as a 316 core with 304 or 316 stainless steel outer braid. An annular hose with standard or fine pitch. These stainless steel hose assemblies are used to convey cryogenic, steam, water, chemicals, bitumen, oil and gas. Temperature range -200 to +600 C.

Flexible Metal Hose
NZ Metal Hose
NZ Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies
Unbraided Corrugated Hose

Flexible Metal Hose

Metallic Hose Assemblies – Stainless Steel Braided Hose

A flexible metal hose for challenging applications that involve conveying media at high temperatures and high pressures. At Flexiducting we can provide a 316 stainless steel corrugated hose with a single or double 304 stainless steel braid, and fitted with either BSP/NPT threaded couplings, pipe ends or standard flanges. We can also offer 316 braid, monel, duplex and other materials. Fully tested and approved.


Unbraided Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose

We can also supply a flexible corrugated stainless steel hose without a braid for low pressure applications, and double jacketed stainless steel hose assemblies. Unbraided convoluted hoses can be used for heat exchangers or for exhausts where a gas tight and liquid tight hose that can handle high temperatures is required.

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Flexible Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Hose
Flexible Exhaust Pipe
NZ Flexible Metal Hose

Flexible Exhaust Pipe

Flexible Exhaust Hose – Flexible Exhaust Tubing – Flexible Exhaust Pipe – Generator Exhaust – Flexible Exhaust Duct

Flexiducting stock flexible exhaust pipe in all sizes, made from 304 grade stainless steel for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications. Suitable for flexible exhaust tubing applications on cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors and stationary engines such as an exhaust extension for generators. Can also be used for grain and dry material transfer, or as a protective armour for hydraulic and other rubber or pvc hoses to prevent damage in harsh environments.
This hose can be used to convey diesel or petrol engine exhaust and can be easily welded or clamped in place. A strong durable stripwound interlock hose that will handle temperatures up to 600 Deg C.

Sizes: 20mm to 500mm inside diameter
Lengths: Any cut length
Clamps and joiners available.

Shipped NZ wide

I you have any questions or would like to order, Phone 021 569 994

Or email me at: mailto:sales@flexiducting.com


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NZ Seismic Joints

Seismic Joints

Flexible Stainless Steel Seismic Joints

V-Loop & U-Loop Seismic Joints

Flexiducting are suppliers of seismic joints and expansion loops designed for pipeline systems to absorb movement during seismic activity and thermal expansion/contraction.

During an earthquake it protects critical pipelines transfering hot and cold water, gases, fuel and sewerage, and also offers protection for vital equipment by allowing boilers, chillers, fan-coil units and other systems to move independently from buildings such as hospitals, high rises, stadiums and civil defence centres.

We can offer custom designed and manufactured V-Loop or U-Loop assemblies to allow for movement on all axis up to 500mm.

Sizes up to 500mmNB.


For more information Ph 021 569 994


Cable Armour
NZ Flexible Cable Armour

Flexible Metal Conduit

Stainless Steel Cable Armour – Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit – Metallic Conduit – Cable Protection


Flexiducting NZ stock and supply a flexible stainless steel armoured conduit. Manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel in either squarelock or doublelock construction. This is a very flexible specialist electrical conduit used in applications where a cable or wiring needs to be shielded from heat or protected from mechanical damage. Sizes available from 3mm to 16mm inside diameter in coils up to 100 metres with lengths cut to your requirements.

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NZ Expansion Joints
PTFE Lined SS Expansion Bellow
NZ Exhaust Bellows

Metal Expansion Joints

Exhaust Bellows – Stainless Steel Expansion Joints – Metal Expansion Bellows – Marine Exhaust Bellows – Food Grade PTFE Lined Expansion Joints

Flexiducting New Zealand supply a range of stainless steel expansion joints, flexible metallic expansion bellows and exhaust bellows, Food Grade PTFE Lined Expansion Joints custom manufactured with flanges or pipe ends to suit your application . Designed with capability to absorb axial, lateral, angular and seismic movements at very high or extremely low temperatures, and at high pressures.

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NZ Flexible Stainless Steel Ducting

Flexible Metal Ducting

Industrial Interlock Hose – Flexible Metal Ducting – Stainless Steel Interlocked Hose

Flexiducting can manufacture a heavy duty industrial interlock flexible metal ducting for conveying hot air, exhaust fumes and abrasive materials. An interlocked metal construction means this flexible stainless steel or galvanised steel ducting hose is not only strong and durable but flexible.

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Smooth Bore PTFE Hose


PTFE Hoses

We can supply a range of PTFE Smooth Bore and PTFE Convoluted Hoses with of without a stainless steel braid. Our PTFE hoses are available in food grade material and can handle a wide range of chemicals at high temperatures and pressures including full vacuum.

Hoses are generally assembled with Tri-Clover, Flanged or BSP/NPT end fittings.

High Performance Alloy Hose


A400 Monel – Special Alloy Hose

Flexiducting NZ are suppliers of annular hose made from Monel  400 series alloy with up to 2 layers of braid.

Used in highly corrosive environments. Certified to The Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6.

Available 1/4” (4mm) through 12” (300mm) diameter. Continue reading

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Hastelloy Special Alloy Hose


C276 Hastelloy – Special Alloy Hose

From Flexiducting NZ an annular hose made of series Hastelloy C276 alloy with up to 2 layers of braid.

Used in Chlorine environments.

Available 1/4” (4mm) through 12” (300mm) diameter.

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Inconel Special Alloy Hose


A625 Inconel – Special Alloy Hose

Flexiducting NZ offer an annular hose made of series Inconel 625 alloy with up to 2 layers of braid.

Used to convey media at extreme temperatures such as high temperature gas turbines.

Available 1/4” (4mm) through 12” (300mm) diameter.

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