NZ Hose and Ducting

Flexiducting New Zealand are suppliers of specialist Flexible Ducting, Stainless Steel Hoses, Expansion Bellows and Dry-Break Hose Couplings.

Flexible Ducting

For high temperature applications when a specialist flexible ducting is required for fume extraction, exhaust ducting or hot air transfer.

Metal Hoses

Experienced in supplying flexible stainless steel hose solutions. Single or double braided hose assemblies, Interlock Hoses for exhaust and flexible flue applications, and flexible stainless steel conduit.

Expansion Bellows

Suppliers of Stainless Steel Expansion Joints, Exhaust Bellows, Rubber Bellows and Seismic Joints to protect pipelines and absorb axial and lateral movements.

Hose Couplings

Flexiducting New Zealand are specialist suppliers of Dry-Disconnect Couplings and Safety Break-Away Couplings in stainless steel and aluminium. For the safe transfer of hazardous or valuable liquids and gasses.