Expansion Bellows

Expansion Joint – Marine Exhaust Bellows – Rubber Bellows – Metal Expansion Bellows

Flexiducting specialises in custom designed and engineered metal expansion joints exhaust bellows and rubber expansion bellows. Our and expansion joints are produced and assembled in sizes from nominal 40 mm (1-1/2”) up to nominal 5000 mm (197”) diameter at working pressures up to 10,000 kPa.

NZ Expansion Joints
NZ Exhaust Bellows

Metal Expansion Joints

Exhaust Bellows – Stainless Steel Expansion Joints – Metal Expansion Bellows – Marine Exhaust Bellows

Flexiducting New Zealand supply a range of stainless steel expansion joints, flexible metallic expansion bellows and exhaust bellows, custom manufactured with flanges or pipe ends to suit your application . Designed with capability to absorb axial, lateral, angular and seismic movements at very high or extremely low temperatures, and at high pressures.

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Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Expansion Joint – Pipe Bellows – Rubber Bellows

Flexiducting New Zealand are specialists in supplying custom made Rubber Bellows, Pipe Bellows and Rubber Expansion Joints designed to compensate for misalignment, neutralise movement and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines.

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