NZ Expansion Joints
PTFE Lined SS Expansion Bellow
NZ Exhaust Bellows

Metal Expansion Joints

Exhaust Bellows – Stainless Steel Expansion Joints – Metal Expansion Bellows – Marine Exhaust Bellows – Food Grade PTFE Lined Expansion Joints

Flexiducting New Zealand supply a range of stainless steel expansion joints, flexible metallic expansion bellows and exhaust bellows, Food Grade PTFE Lined Expansion Joints custom manufactured with flanges or pipe ends to suit your application . Designed with capability to absorb axial, lateral, angular and seismic movements at very high or extremely low temperatures, and at high pressures.

Standard Expansion Joint Types

  • Single and Double unrestrained expansion joints
  • PTFE Lined Expansion Bellows
  • Marine Exhaust Bellows
  • Single and Double tied joints
  • Multi-ply diesel exhaust bellows and vibration eliminators
  • Single and double hinged joints
  • Single and double gimbal joints
  • Seismic joints
  • Externally pressurised joints
  • Pressure balanced joints
  • Rectangular expansion joints

All of the above assemblies are available with flanged ends, welded ends, internal sleeves (liners) and covers. As well as the above we can design and manufacture non-standard expansion bellows, no matter how unusual the application.

We can manufacture using a wide range of materials, from the more commonly used stainless steel grades 321, 316 and 304, to the more specialist Incoloy 825 and 800, Inconel 625 and 600, Nickel 200, 253 MA and Hastelloy 254 SMO.