Offshore & Marine

A range of Offshore Hoses, Marine and Dock Hoses and Couplings for the Oil & Gas Industry are available from Flexiducting. For oil rig supply, ship to rig and shore to ship. Hose assemblies for all types of drilling fluids, brine, cement and potable water required to service rigs around New Zealand.

NZ Floating Hose

Floating Hose

Flexiducting can supply a full range of single or double carcass rubber floating hose and submarine hoses for various marine mooring configurations around New Zealand. Where the application requires the safe transfer of crude oil and other liquid petroleum products we offer a floating hose assembly.

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NZ Dock Hose

Dock Hose

Ship to Shore Hose – Marine Hose

Dock loading hoses for ship to shore applications. Hose assemblies for loading and unloading all petroleum products, chemicals and dry bulk materials at the dockside for port and marine applications. Rubber or composite Dock Hose from Flexiducting can be provided with built in flanges for port operations. All dock hoses are tested at our factory and are approved by Lloyds.

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NZ Marine Breakaway Coupling

Marine Breakaway Coupling

The NovaFlex Series Marine Breakaway Coupling is a high-flow range designed for safety in marine environments. Inserted in hose lines the coupling will shut off and prevent spillage in the event of drift away during offshore rig supply or ship to ship applications.

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Offshore Oil & Gas Hoses

A range of offshore rig supply hoses for shore to ship & ship to rig transfer of drilling fluids, diesel, concrete or potable water. NovaFlex and Flexiducting offer factory fitted and tested hose assemblies and marine safety breakaway couplings for the offshore oil and gas industry.

NZ Petroleum Transfer Hose

Marine Petroleum Transfer Hose

A large bore custom built Marine Petroleum Transfer Hose. A loading and unloading petroleum suction and delivery hose for dockside use, these hoses are mandrel built Nitrile lined with a tough Neoprene cover, and are suitable for conveying crude oil and all grades of liquid petroleum products. A Viton lined hose is available for 100% aromatic content.

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