Mann Tek Dry Break Coupling

Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings

Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Coupling and Safety Break-Away Couplings

Mann Tek Dry Break Couplings are available from Flexiducting for Industries across New Zealand.

Dry Break Couplings are designed for a quick and spill-free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. Used for safe handling of Petroleum, Chemicals and Gases where spillage might be hazardous to operators or the environment.

Dry Disconnect Couplings, also mentioned as dry break couplings and dry break coupler, can be found in a lot of various applications such as handling toxic chemicals, fuels etc. to transfering clean water, due to the wide range of materials, connections and sealing types Dry Disconnect Couplings are flexible enough to suit almost any application.

DD Couplings are especially needed in areas of zero tolerance spillage when your product:

  • is of high value
  • requires costly environmental methods of cleaning-up in case of spillage
  • is expensive to reprocess or dispose of
  • is hazardous to the environment
  • can cause a health risk
  • is prone to accidental spillage and product loss

Contact Wayne at Flexiducting NZ on 021 569 994 for all Mann Tek and Todo Dry Break and Breakaway Couplings.