Can and Groove Dry Break Coupling

Dry Disconnect Coupler

Dry Disconnect Coupler – Dry Break Coupling – Dry Release Coupling

A Camlock / Cam and Groove type Dry-Break Coupling.

Flexiducting NZ are suppliers of dry disconnect couplers to help prevent spillage from normal or accidental disconnects. A spring loaded sealing device is designed to “snap” closed should the valve become disconnected with the poppet open, significantly limiting liquid loss.

  • Use with DBA style adapters
  • Use with standard cam and groove dust plug sized one size larger than the dry disconnect size
  • Use Cam & Groove Dust Plug Size: 4″


  • Coupler has automatic closing poppet assembly
  • Heavy duty construction provides long service life
  • Stainless steel handle allows product exposure to corrosive chemicals or washdown service
  • Strong handle attachment prevents bending of crank assembly
  • Large paddle type cam arms are standard on 3″ fittings, allow for an easy grip

Dry-Break Coupling PDF