Petroleum Hose

For New Zealand Industry Flexiducting have a range of composite or rubber petroleum hose and couplings designed for onshore and offshore oilfield services. Specialising in providing hose and tanker assembly solutions for LNG, Coal Seam Gas, Fracking or conventional oil and gas applications.

Petroleum Hose NZ

Uni-Oil Standard Petroleum Hose

Uni-Oil Composite Hoses are ideal for transfer of media from storage tanks and process piping to rail cars or tank trucks. Composite construction includes multiple plies of polypropylene films and fabrics are encased in a polyester vapour barrier for superior operation.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +100°C

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NZ Petroleum Hose

Uni-Zene Special Petroleum Hose

Uni-Zene Composite hoses are a combination of polyamide, polyester and polypropylene film and fabrics. Special service petroleum composite hose is designed to handle modern petrol additives such as MTBE, ethanol and 100% benzene.
Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +121ºC

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NZ Vapour Recovery Hose

Uni-VR Vapour Recovery Hose

Vapour Recovery Hose

A Composite Vapour Recovery Hose assemblies are ideal for use in petroleum and petrochemical vapour recovery systems in ship-to-shore, bottom loading and tanker loading and unloading applications.

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NZ Aviation Fuel Hose

Uni-Oil AGL Aviation Fuel Hose

From Flexiducting we can supply the Uni-Oil Aviation Fuel Hose, a lightweight Composite Hose with an aluminium inner wire specifically designed for transferring aviation fuels. Hose meets BS3492:1987 BX and Class 1 for aviation fuels.

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Biodiesel Hose

Nova BioFuel 100. A rubber or composite hose designed to handle all grades of Biodiesel and Ethanol. Available as a rubber or a composite hose this biodiesel hose is a flexible, full suction and discharge hose for in plant applications or for loading rail tankers and trucks.

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LPG Hose

Composite LPG Hose

The Flexiducting NZ Composite LPG Hose and hose assemblies are specifically designed for transfer of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases), manufactured using a stainless steel 316 inner and outer wire it is suitable for tanker loading and unloading, in-plant operations, marine offshore and ship to shore applications.

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tanker hose supplies

Fuel Tanker Hose Assemblies

Flexiducting manufacture and assemble a flexible Composite Fuel Tanker Hose for suction and delivery of petroleum products for road and rail tanker applications. Suitable for Ethanol and Biodiesel blends.

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