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Fume Extraction Ducting

Fume Extraction and Exhaust Ventilation Ducting

Flame retardant flexible fume extraction ducting suitable for removing welding fumes and exhaust gases.

flexible ventilation ducting for vapour, fume and gas ventilation and extraction applications. Also suitable for domestic and commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Colour: Grey
Temperature range: – 20°C +100°C (peaks 120°C)
Features: Flexible duct made in flame resistant PVC coated polyester fabric and reinforced by steel helix welded between the two layers.
Axial compressibility: 8:1
Applications: Civil and naval conditioning plants, ventilation systems, suction of fumes, vapours, powders & gases.

Flame retardant V(TM)-0 according to UL 94 and M2 grade according to NFP 92 503.
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