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Flexible Exhaust Pipe
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Flexible Exhaust Pipe

Flexible Exhaust Hose – Flexible Exhaust Tubing – Flexible Exhaust Pipe – Generator Exhaust – Flexible Exhaust Duct

Flexiducting stock flexible exhaust pipe in all sizes, made from 304 grade stainless steel for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications. Suitable for flexible exhaust tubing applications on cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors and stationary engines such as an exhaust extension for generators. Can also be used for grain and dry material transfer, or as a protective armour for hydraulic and other rubber or pvc hoses to prevent damage in harsh environments.
This hose can be used to convey diesel or petrol engine exhaust and can be easily welded or clamped in place. A strong durable stripwound interlock hose that will handle temperatures up to 600 Deg C.

Sizes: 20mm to 500mm inside diameter
Lengths: Any cut length
Clamps and joiners available.

Shipped NZ wide

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