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Flexi Flue is an excellent internal chimney liner or stand alone flexible flue pipe, used for converting existing open fireplaces or general flue applications. It’s one-piece flexible design makes installation easier in tight and angled situations (when compared with straight flue pipes – which have to be custom cut, angled and then joined). Flexiducting flue pipe is stronger than some alternative flexible flues on the market, and can be cleaned normally without being damaged.
Flexi-Flue is the perfect ducting solution for fireplaces, chip heaters, wood burning stoves, outdoor ovens, boilers, kilns, pizza ovens, gas heaters or where hot air needs to be transferred or ducted away.

  • Can handle temperatures to 750°C
  • Ant-torsion design
  • Fits all standard fittings and accessories
  • Made of high quality heavy duty 304 stainless steel
  • Standard sizes available from 1 1/4″ (32mm) to 8 inch (203mm) diameter
  • Any length you require, we can cut short lengths
  • We also sell Flexi-Flue Adaptors
  • Shipped NZ wide
  • To order or enquire, Phone 021 569 994
  • Or email sales@flexiducting.com


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