Material Handling Hose

Flexiducting have a range of material handling hose for abrasive products and bulk handing such as cement, grains, concrete pumping, pellets, and for various mining applications such as sand or slurry discharge.

Seed Drill Hose NZ

Seed Drill Hose

Flexible Seed Drill Hose

A lightweight and abrasive resistant seed drill hose & Grain Transfer Hose.

This ducting is suitable for transfer and medium duty suction of seed, grain, dust and other dry abrasive materials.

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Bulk Material Hose NZ

Dry Bulk Material Hose

Abrasion resistant dry-bulk material hose designed for transferring dry bulk material such as cement, sand, lime, fertilizers, urea, pellets, grain etc. This is an anti-static hose and is designed to resist cutting and abrasion. Cover is abrasion, age and weather resistant.

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Bitumen Hose
NZ Camlock Coupling

Bitumen Hose

Flexiducting New Zealand Bitumen Hose Supplies.

We offer our  Composite Bitumen Transfer Hose Assemblies for the suction and delivery of Tar, Hot Mix Asphalt and Bitumen at elevated temperatures.
Other hoses are available for bituminous materials and mixes including metal braided hoses and rubber hoses for bulk materials and aggregates involved with road surface and road building operations.

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NZ Concrete Pump Hose

Concrete Pump Hose

Flexiducting are suppliers of Concrete Pump Hose for operators throughout New Zealand.

We offer a high pressure, heavy duty concrete pumping hose from NovaFlex for concrete placement and transport. We can supply as an assembly with factory fitted ends to suit your application or as hose only.

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NZ Concrete Hose

NovaCrete – Concrete Hose

Flexiducting supplies Novaflex Rubber Concrete Placement Hose. This Concrete Hose has a smooth and controlled concrete flow that practically eliminates splatter and boom bounce. Built-in nozzle has less weight at boom tip. Handles and maneuvers with ease. Supplied with factory crimped end fittings.

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Dredge Hose NZ

Dredge Hose

Engineered Dredge Hose Systems

Flexiducting supply custom engineered Dredge Hose assemblies to suit dredging operations for suction and discharge applications throughout New Zealand.
We offer a range of dredger hoses for onboard dredging applications and pontoon lines where heavy duty mandrel built dredging hoses for suction and discharge are required for dredger systems.

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Material Handling Hose

High Pressure Mining Hose

The Outback high pressure mining hose has been specifically designed for use in highly abrasive applications such as sand and gravel pits, glass and mineral processing plants. With a tough Neoprene cover this hose is suitable for use in the most demanding of environments.

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NZ Flexible Stainless Steel Ducting

Flexible Metal Ducting

Industrial Interlock Hose – Flexible Metal Ducting – Stainless Steel Interlocked Hose

Flexiducting can manufacture a heavy duty industrial interlock flexible metal ducting for conveying hot air, exhaust fumes and abrasive materials. An interlocked metal construction means this flexible stainless steel or galvanised steel ducting hose is not only strong and durable but flexible.

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