Flexible Ducting

A range of specialist flexible ducting for fume extraction and conveying abrasives such as woodchips, grain and pallets. We have food grade flexible ducting for food processors and manufacturers, and ducting for mine ventilation.

Flexiducting U-Lok 1500

High Temperature Ducting

For Temperatures up to 816°C

A more robust and flexible two-ply high temperature ducting for fume and exhaust extraction.

This ducting has two plies of high temperature resistant coated fabric offers a longer service life and can handle temperatures up to 816°C.

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Flexiducting U-Lok 1000

High Temperature Hose

For Temperatures up to 538°C

A very flexible high temperature hose for fumes and hot air extraction, made of a fine wire reinforced E-Glass ceramic cloth that is chemically treated and coated. Ideal for high temperature fume extraction. Capable of handling temperatures to 538°C.

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